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Announcing 4Space: A Place for ISSST Experimentation

Every year the Program Committee gets abstracts, workshop proposals, and new ideas from ISSST participants that don’t match the time-tested model of paper and poster presentations.  For example, we’ve done panel discussions, workshops, real-time online linkups with concurrent conferences, spontaneous presentation sessions, and impromptu work sessions.  We even have a proposal for an UNconference.

One of the beautiful things about ISSST is that we’ve been able to create space for all of these ideas, both in pre- and post-symposia activities and in the regular program.  In some cases, these “crazy” and sometimes last-minute ideas have been the most popular parts of ISSST.  As a result, we’re getting even more proposals — more than the Program Committee can handle.

Although the ISSST parallel program has always been split into three concurrent tracks, the volume of high quality submissions, pre-symposia ideas, and new initiatives this year won’t fit into that format.  So we’re creating a new thing and we’re calling it 4Space.

4Space will be a room at ISSST that will house new workshops, linkups, project meetings, writing sessions, small group discussions, business meetings and allow people to plot their own revolutions.   It will house about 13 people in a Board Room setting and it will be “programmed” only in a loose sense.  Some activities will be planned ahead of time and printed in the program.  Other activities will emerge spontaneously during the event and the organizers will be able to use 4th Space and advertise themselves to the ISSST participants as a whole.

The only thing is, we need a volunteer 4Space Chair to join the ISSST Organizing Committee.  I have a few people in mind that I know would be ideal for the job.  But if you want to be considered, please respond to ISSSTNetwork@gmail.com