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Extended – ISSST2014 Abstracts due 3 Jan

Several authors have requested more time to prepare and submit their abstracts to the ISSST2014 and as a result, the due date has been extended to 3 Jan.

For those abstracts that have been uploaded already, reviews will begin immediately.  Nonetheless, those authors may choose to edit, or revise and resubmit abstracts already in the softcon system.

Submit or edit abstracts at http://www.softconf.com/f/issst2014/

Abstracts should be about 500 words and will be reviewed relative to four criteria:

1. Importance and relevance

2. Investigative methods

3. Results 

4. Originality

For full consideration, abstracts should be submitted by 3 January 2014.
Late submission will be considered on a case-by-case basis.