Abstract Reviews and Acceptances Are Posted

This morning I got a notice from Matt Eckleman, ISSST2013 Program Chair, saying that my abstract “Reinventing the Modern American University (Again)” has been accepted for a full presentation.

I feel a little lucky!

ISSST2013 is the most selective program that we’ve had in the three years that I’ve been serving as Chair.  By Matt’s count, we’ve accepted only 85 full presentations.  Another 40 abstracts that requested full presentations were accepted as posters, and 12 requested for poster presentations were also accepted.

That means the acceptance rate for full presentations at ISSST2013 is 55%.  Those who didn’t get accepted as full presentations can take some consolation from the fact that they have a lot of company.  If you’re in that situation, I can reassure you that our posters sessions are terrific fun and extremely well attended.  (The refreshments help ensure that).

However, Matt also say that some people who are disappointed will no doubt drop out of ISSST2013 altogether.  By his guess, about 5% of the full presentations and 20% of the poster presenters will withdraw.  He’s calibrated his acceptances so that we’ll still have a full Program when that happens, so it’s not likely that several presentation slots will open up.

According to Matt, the next step is to get the Session Chairs together and ensure that the presentations they want are appearing in the right sessions.  Then, he’ll post the first draft of ISSST2013 Program.  If you’re a special Session Chair (and I’ve already heard from one!) you’ll be working with Matt and the other Chairs to sort out which presentations belong where.

We’ll be opening the Registration page shortly.  You can preview a test version here.

When you do register, you’re going to be invited to to new events that we didn’t have at previous symposiums:

  1. A Thursday evening dinner cruise on the Ohio river ($50).
  2. A pre-conference workshop hosted by Gabrielle Grant of Yale University called Authentic Sustainability (free, but limited).

4 thoughts on “Abstract Reviews and Acceptances Are Posted

  1. M.

    Hi all,
    When will the full paper template become available? Also, I’ve been having trouble with the issst-conference.org website… The “Contact Us” form isn’t working! What’s the proper channel for questions about the conference?

    1. Thomas P Seager Post author

      The comment section of the blog is a GREAT channel for questions about ISSST2013.

      As far as I know, the Program Committee has not adopted a template yet. I’m not sure what they have in the works for this, but if they adopt anything it will be simple — the kind of thing that you can adopt with minimal effort.

      Thanks for the note!

      1. M.

        Hi Dr. Seager,

        Thanks for your reply. Do you know if there is an expected word count and/or page limit? I can certainly adapt to a template later, but I just want it all to fit!

        1. Thomas P Seager Post author

          Don’t constrain yourself on our count. Write what you need to write.

          U can keep in mind that conference papers are typically shorter than full-length journal articles: 3000-5000 words (or word equivalents).

          It’s typically best to focus on one concise point.


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