Deadlines… when are they, again?

When we first drafted the ISSST2013 Call for Papers, we proposed an abstract deadline exactly one year after last years, 3 Dec 2012, and we circulated a draft among the ISSST2013 leadership and some regular participants.

But the feedback that we got was that we can compress the schedule, both because we’re more organized than last year, especially with regard to identifying session Chairs, and because we’re expecting fewer abstracts of higher quality (which are always easier to review!).

We changed our schedule so that the ISSST2013 abstract deadline is 15 Dec 2013, as posted here and here.

If you were worried about uploading your abstract to softcon before the close of business today… well, you can relax for at least several more days.

Nevertheless, we have a dozen submissions already, and I’d like to describe them briefly here for those that you can get a sense of what topics will be presented, where people are traveling from, and decide whether you’d like to volunteer as an abstract reviewer.

Here’s a sampling of the general topics on which we’ve received abstracts so far:

  • Recovery of rare and precious metals from waste electronics.
  • Sustainability education in an increasingly digital education ecosystem.
  • Building-integrated solar energy.
  • Thermodynamics of recycling.
  • Materials criticality in photovoltaics.
  • Digital knowledge networks and their environmental consequences.
  • Solid state lighting.
  • Advanced fuel cells.
  • Dealing with uncertainties in life cycle assessment, including valuation.

Abstracts are coming in from all over the world, including authors from Australia, Germany, Denmark, Austria, India, South Africa, and the United States.  This map gives you a sense of where the interest in ISSST2013 is coming from, as measured by blog views.

hit map

As more abstracts come in, the Program Committee will begin sorting them, assigning them to special session Chairs and asking people to review.  This last step is critical to the success of the symposium.  The sooner we can get good feedback to the authors, the better and more informative their presentations will be.

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