Special Sessions and Special Issues

This email exemplifies a question that I’ve been getting from several ISSST participants:

I am a professor at [University in Western Europe]. My primary research field is the design of electronic circuits and systems, with also activities in LCA.

I just read that ISSST is now independent from IEEE. In 2011, I published a paper at ISSST… . Subsequently, with my team, we used these LCA results as an input to design a [new green electronic device] presented n 2012 at the IEEE Solid-State Circuits Conf. in order to maximize the visibility of the results to large semiconductor companies (Intel, TI,
Samsung, ST, …). My hope with this approach is that the decision makers and technology designers in the semiconductor market place who are following ISSCC every year, will now be aware of the LCA aspects we published at ISSST for maximizing their impact.

My point here is that (in my field) the visibility of sustainability studies published at ISSST depends on their citation/use in practical implementations targeted for the right technical audience. For this matter, I think that (again in my field) the affiliation of ISSST to the
IEEE is really important for 1) easy access to proceedings and 2) as a quality stamp.

I understand that you should have several good reasons for having separated ISSST from IEEE. But does this imply that the proceedings of the 2013 edition will not be available through IEEE X-Plore ?

The proceedings of ISSST2013 will not be available thru the IEEEXplore.  (In fact, IEEE has not yet made the proceedings of ISSST2012 available thru IEEEXplore and I have no idea why).  This means my correspondent has legitimate concerns.

To address both issues of archival access to proceedings and provide quality assurance, ISSST2013 will offer participants the much more flexible approach that we first rolled out for ISSST2012.  Publication options for ISSST2013 authors are:

  • Presentation only.  There is no obligation to publish anything.  Unlike IEEEXplore, ISSST2013 will not publish papers to subscribers for a fee, and we have no financial incentive to require publication.
  • Digital Circulation among ISSST2013 participants.  Authors may self-publish white papers and presentation slides on the ISSST2013 cloud server hosted by Box.com.  With this option, access is restricted to ISSST2013 participants only.  Authors retain their own copyrights and may mark their manuscripts “Pre-publication draft.  Do not cite or circulate.” or put any other qualifiers they choose.  The advantage of using Box.com is that it facilitates digital discussion of the works, allowing participants and authors to interact with one another outside the bounds of the symposium itself.  This informal feedback system will likely help authors refine the work.
  • Special Journal Issues. Several journal editors have already invited ISSST2013 session chairs to propose special issues of related ISSST2013 papers that are presented at the conference.  Liberating the ISSST2013 from IEEE gives us the freedom to work with journals published by any professional society, including the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management), and the American Chemical Society (through its new journal Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering).  Additionally, the Editor of Environment Systems and Decisions has invited us to prepare a special issue for this Springer journal.

To make these special issues happen, we need to take a more proactive approach to identifying session chairs and organizing special sessions around themes relevant to Sustainable Systems & Technologies.  Here’s a list of the special sessions (with the proposed Chairs names in parentheses).

We’re adding more on a regular basis.  When you go to upload your abstract here https://www.softconf.com/d/issst2013/ you’ll be allowed to pick a special session to put your abstract in.  This alerts the special sessions Chairs to your interest, and they will coordinate review of your abstract.  If the quality of submissions is worthy, the Chairs and authors may propose a special journal issue that will archive the papers presented at the symposium.

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